I’m sorry to say that I fell behind on this project and I am recommitting myself to it. I know Cyclopean has not been working since Apple released iOS update 4.2 due to a graphics bug with the code that handles the Retina display. I have fixed this faulty code and will soon be sending it off to Apple to update App.

As Cyclopean was my test project and I really didn’t expect much out of it, I was excited to be able to create it as it was a learning process for me. However, I’d like to soon venture on to another project, yet to be announced. I’m looking for anyone that would be willing to donate their time to me for any music, graphics or game art that I could use in my next game.

iPhone game

So here is a sneak preview of my game. Basically it is a kill’em before the time runs out type game. The little guy in the box in the upper right corner changes and tells you what color to kill. New enemies spawn at a certain rate depending on the difficulty and level.

It’s a pretty simple game, but addicting!

I still need to redo graphics and game board design, but the game is nearing the end! If anyone has a good name idea, let me know!

WykMedia.com launch

Welcome, and thank you for checking out WykMedia.com.  I will be launching various multimedia projects that will include iPhone apps, games, movies, etc. from this site in the coming months.  Please check back often as this site grows.  Within a few days, I will be posting images and video of the first iPhone game I have been creating.  I am hoping it will be in the App store in a few weeks!